5 Universals for Change

Session Category :  Talk 
21 October, 2020
14:00  -  14:30

(Slides) No matter where we live, or who we work for, we can all understand what it’s like to build, and be in, relationships with other people. When it comes to building relationships, there are certain universal rules that we follow for helping relationships thrive. When it comes to changing our organizations, the change world has somehow focused on creating a standardized, step-by-step best practise to change what is ultimately a social system. Too fluffy for you?

How about this? After traveling the world since 2014, visiting countless organizations, and running hundreds of workshops, there are 5 Universals for Change that help us move change in a positive direction in our organizations. Unfortunately there is no set of best practices and steps that can ensure successful change, but combining these 5 Universals with the two most important tools for change, we can continually make sense of our context, and experiment our way to more meaningful change.