Agile Anti Patterns – Why They Arise and How to Address Them

Session Category :  Talk 
21 October, 2020
14:45  -  15:15

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was once a pleasant world called Planet Agile. On this blue/green world, its inhabitants lived peacefully together, collaborating to plan and create wonderful software which they demoed deployed on regular basis. All the tribes, the Scrum Masters, the Product Owners, UX designers, Architects, Coders, Testers and Stakeholders all coexisted side by side, working in cross functional households of between 5-9 people.

All these households were independent and followed their own Destiny. Unfortunately for us (and perhaps fortunately for them!), we have never been able to find this Planet. We have looked far and wide but it escapes us. We just want to find out why they have cracked the code that still eludes so many companies here in Earth.

Is this a fable of a lost Utopia, a place that cannot be (or in some translations, a place that must not be) or does it describe a realistic destination that we can reach or is it a destination that we should always strive to travel ever closer to but without expecting to arrive?

In this talk, Patrick Martin will talk about the most common reasons why so many organisations act (or don’t act!) in ways that prevent them from growing closer to the living into the ideal Agile delivery model. Patrick believes that these can be categorised into Organisational Culture, Behavioural, Transformational, Educational and will give examples from his own experience as a Scrum Master, RTE and Coach along with reasons why they arise, how they affect people, teams, orgs, morale and quality if left untreated and how to address or at least mitigate.