Case Study: Who said Senior Leaders can’t be coached?

Session Category :  Talk 
23 October, 2020
14:45  -  15:30

(Slides) Culture is the biggest obstacle for the adoption and scaling of agile practices. And the single most effective enabler for culture change is the role modelling of the right behaviours by senior leaders.

Mission impossible? Think again.

Whether you are a ScrumMaster, an Agile Coach, a project manager or an agile transformation consultant, come to this talk if you want to learn how to influence senior leaders and coach them to change their behaviours to create an agile-friendly culture.

After attending this talk, you will: –

… be able to teach others the link between behaviour and culture change –

… know what it takes to influence senior leaders to change their behaviours –

… have a tried and tested framework for facilitating senior leadership behavioural change in your organisation.

This talk will be largely based on two real-life case studies from my work with leadership teams at two financial services institutions in the UK.