Foundations of Digital Strategy using Wardley Mapping

Session Category :  Training 
19 October, 2020

This one-day course led by Philippe Guenet, offers an introduction to digital strategies and a framework called Wardley maps. Wardley maps are very suited to build situational awareness of an enterprise and identify strategic moves through the whole value chain, supporting a digital business.

After this course, the participants will have a better understanding of the complex nature of digital strategies and how to use strategic maps to read the landscape and take advantage of it. The course is based on practice and by the end of the day, the participants will be able to put together simple maps by themselves.

Learning outcomes:

  • Dimensions of digital strategies
  • Foundational concepts to Mapping
  • Practice steps for building maps (Purpose, Users, User Needs, Value Chain, Map) working from fictional scenarios
  • High level understanding of the strategic cycle
  • Introduction to further concepts of movement, inertia, climate, doctrine and gameplay, details of which are covered in further modules to this foundation.

Philippe is a seasoned ICF Systemic Coach, Lean-Agile practitioner and a Digital Leadership specialist with focus on Strategy, Complexity, Excellence and Leadership. He works for banks and start-ups alike and is investing in the community with the Digital Leadership Meetup.

This training will be delivered in two four-hour  interactive online sessions on Monday 19 October and Tuesday 20 October, from 9am to 1pm GMT. 

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