Heart of Agile Essentials Course

Session Category :  Training 
19 October, 2020

A full and exciting day for workers, managers, executives, and all roles at all levels, learning from one of the creators of the Agile movement how to improve projects operating from the Heart of Agile. Designed for beginners, even advanced practitioners will learn from this master of the Agile industry. For people in any industry looking to understand the essential concepts and techniques of agile development, independent of any branded methodology.

This course is designed for a full day to give the attendee practice in the core elements of team success: collaboration, delivery, reflection and improvement. Each part of the class introduces a topic matching the most recent advances in the agile world, including solutions-focused coaching, guest leadership, collaboration cards, project slicing, decisions as inventory, and building a culture of listening.

This course includes: group discussions, collaboration cards, a communication exercise, the Carpaccio Exercise, and small team projects.

This training will take place over two consecutive Mondays, 19 October and 26 October, from 2pm to 6pm GMT each day.

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