How I became a tester! Breaking silos within cross-functional teams

Session Category :  Talk 
21 October, 2021
15:45  -  16:15


(Slides) When agile methodologies were introduced, existing organizations faced a new challenge: how to be cross functional? How to overtake testing assignments with a developer background, and the other way around? Introducing Agile methodologies and setting up Scrum/Kanban teams in organizations brought a tremendous change in the way traditional software development was produced.

Cross-functionality, self-organization, high-performance, T-Shape skills… Agile team members face challenging situations! Furthermore, even acknowledging the proofed advantages of agile methodologies, is there really a buy-in from the business when it comes to knowledge sharing among employees? This talk is about hands-on experience, how spreading skills among Scrum team members, supported by a T-Shape Community of Practice as company strategy, nurtured a learning culture within the Agile organization, broke the traditional silos of expertise, and increased the efficiency of the teams and the people who worked in them.