How we built the ‘dark’ star

Session Category :  Workshop 
23 October, 2020
13:45  -  15:30

Our teams are not isolated and very often must interact with other teams. If you are working in a large enterprise this is happening on a daily basis.

So what are the best protocol/practices/way to create an effective and efficient collaboration culture?

Said that every framework has its own proposal, reality and agility proves that you need to find your way and so what’s better than the opportunity to simulate and (safely and quickly) experiment alternatives and verify their effects?

Building the Dark Star (if you are a Star Wars fan you will love it) is probably the most complex ever built (in future also!): +100 components, with inter/intradependencies and integration requirements, 6 teams and the incumbent war against the Rebel Alliance, this is the scenario you will face in the next 100 minutes. The game has been presented in #Play14 London in September 2019, and also tested in different cases that helped to improve mechanic, learnings and fun.