Living between Agile Culture and a DevOps Mindset

Session Category :  Talk 
21 October, 2020
14:00  -  14:30

(Slides) Have you ever wondered what Agile Culture and DevOps Mindset really mean? Would you like to finally solve the riddle of great collaboration in the software development world? Are you wondering what Agile and DevOps approach can give us? I would like to invite you to my talk where I am going to share my understanding of these two trendy words: Agile and DevOps. Together we are going to discover the mechanisms behind these terms and think how they can be used by us to become fulfilled at work. During my presentation I will also give you practical examples based on my experience not only as a manager, but also from the times where I was developing software. Are you courious? Let’s meet during the conference and have a chat.