Remote Meetings Masterclass

Session Category :  Training 
19 October, 2020

The Remote Meetings Masterclass is designed to address the five biggest challenges reported by the individuals and organisations around the world:

  1. How to make people care about your online meeting
  2. How to develop a reputation for hosting great online meetings
  3. How To become a confident online facilitator
  4. How to deal with the problems that online meetings throw at you
  5. How to make hybrid meetings less horrible

After this workshop, you will rock at engaging groups of distant participants in rich, multi-layered discussions. You’ll look professional before, during and after the event – and even when things go wrong. Your online meetings might even be fun.

This workshop is run by the dynamic remote duo of Lisette Sutherland and Judy Rees, who are also our engaging and unique Day Two keynote speakers. Lisette has literally written the handbook on remote teams, talked to more than 250 remote-first teams (including the International Space Station) on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast, and runs trainings around the world. Judy has introduced scores of trainers, coaches, and facilitators to the joy of live online training and events, and is the co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors And Opening Minds.

This training is delivered on two consecutive Tuesdays 20 October and 27 October, from 1:30pm to 5pm GMT each day.

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