Solutions-Focussed Professional Coaching Training

Session Category :  Training 
19 October, 2020

This training, for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, will help you develop your professional coaching skills, so you can:

  • Have more effective coaching conversations at even the most senior level
  • Understand the needs of customers, senior leaders, and other stakeholders more quickly – and
    influence them more effectively
  • Coach individuals as well as teams, in order to work with senior leaders, help the best people
    develop faster, and respond more effectively to anyone who’s struggling or underperforming
  • Develop communication skills for use outside of formal coachings/workshops, to enhance all
    meetings and less formal conversations
In this seven-hour training we’ll cover one-to-one professional coaching skills — but you’ll also find you can apply the skills to working with teams, so you can lead workshops that are more engaging and energising, get more buy-in, and generate progress more quickly and easily.

The training is on the “Solution Focused” approach to coaching — which is particularly helping in complex situations, generating psychological safety, and generating change without generating resistance. SF is also relatively quick and easy to learn, especially suitable for a business context, and highly aligned with the Agile Manifesto’s values and principles.

By the end of the seven hours you’ll have
  • learnt the OSKAR model of SF Coaching & Change
  • experienced seven SF coaching tools,
  • put them into practice with your colleagues on the course, and
  • be ready to use them in real, live coaching conversations.

This training will be two 3.5 hours sessions the mornings of 19-20 October, from 9am to 12:30pm GMT.

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