User Stories: Re-explained – You Think You Know Until You Realise You Don’t

Session Category :  Keynote 
23 October, 2021
09:15  -  10:15

(Video) Many teams refer to each piece of work they do as a User Story. Many write some words into some kind of ticket in Jira or Rally (and sometimes a sticky-note), with the words ‘As a… I want… So that…”. But are you really working with User Stories? In this talk, Antony takes you back to the origins of User Stories; explains how they have been misunderstood and accidentally misrepresented; how the practice has been interpreted through filters of older ways of working and have now become something other than they were intended for the vast majority of teams. 

In most teams Antony has visited or begun to coach, their idea of User Stories and his are very different. Many of their User Stories are not independently valuable and have dependencies on many others. Real value isn’t unlocked until several stories later. There’s little room to negotiate as the piece of work has only one solution… the one specified.  

After some guidance, these teams soon realise that what they once called User Stories were actually tasks and features in disguise. And, by understanding the art of User Stories – beyond simply what we write –. they were able to release more value, sooner, with more flexibility and without dependencies.