Christopher Bramley

Involve Me Ltd.

Chris is a consultant who coaches, mentors and speaks on a number of related business and social fields, coming from 22 years in the tech industry. He is a specialist in a holistic understanding of human learning, collaboration, and complex issues using Cynefin, and social, economic and environmental sustainability, and advises on strategic decision-making, leadership, disintermediation, engagement, culture, narrative (including mental patterns, critical thinking, and why we don’t make informed decisions well), teaching and learning, and much more, integrating a contextually applied agnostic set of frameworks such as lean, agile, and kaizen to support this. A main focus is to remove the interference of rigid bureaucracies and to transition to more ecosystemic, resilient approaches, and to use individual strengths to spark innovation and disruptive approaches. Chris has engaged globally with companies from startups to international enterprises such as Fujitsu and IBM, and have also focused on helping leading humanitarian aid agencies move towards learning organisations focused on people. He is also a TEDx speaker on Collaboration, an author in multiple genres, and a strong advocate for ethics, mental health, and integrity in business and society. He has far too many hobbies.


Certainty in Uncertainty: Integrating core talents to do what we do best
23 October, 2020
13:45  -  14:30
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