Jason Little

Lean Change Management

I started writing code when Cold Fusion roamed the earth, became a project manager, manager, executive and officially starting helping organizations move towards Agile in the mid-2000’s. I’ve worked for startups, mid-size, and enterprise organizations as an agile coach, scrum master, product owner, and team member and since 2011 have been focusing my efforts on blending ideas from Agile, Change Management, Lean Startup, and Organizational Development to help organizations change faster.

I am the organizer of Spark the Change Toronto, an inspirational change experience that is focused on great ideas, not titles and roles, a member of the Leanintuit Crew, and founder of the Lean Change Management Association.

Since 2014, I’ve spoken and run internal and public workshops in over 10 countries based on my book, Lean Change Management, and nothing would make me happier than to see all the world’s change agents move towards a coaching and facilitation stance so they can get out of the way and let the right change happen when the time is right.


5 Universals for Change
21 October, 2020
14:00  -  14:30
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