Sheetal Thaker

Agile World Associates Ltd.

Helping organisations achieve successful results by embracing Agile ways of working is what Sheetal thrives upon. Coming from an business and IT background and having consulted for several large-scale organisations, her vision is to guide agile transformations in a way that’s fun, noticeable and rewarding.

The world of work is changing, start-ups are disrupting large enterprises and consumers are demanding instant gratification.

This has led to many organisations adopting the agile framework in a bid to deliver their products or services into markets quick. Not only has adopting business agility changed the way we work, it’s also changing the way we think and do things.

Having graduated with an MSc in Multimedia and Internet Computing, Sheetal began her career developing the online booking engine for the airline bmibaby and later going on to work for a variety of household brands such as Alliance & Leicester (now Santander) BSKYB, GSK and BP.

In 2003, Sheetal took her experience to the financial services industry, where she was involved in delivering one of UK’s first online banking tools.As the financial world entered turmoil in 2008, Sheetal found herself developing and implementing the financial online auction tool that would allow banks to bid on the assets of Lehman Brothers and other defaulted institutions.

In 2009, Sheetal moved to France and there, she worked for a major airline company Amadeus. It was here, she discovered Agile ways of working and realised the power and potential the framework can bring to organisations. She threw herself in at the deep end and trained several teams on implementing SCRUM and Kanban.

Today, Sheetal takes the wealth of experience and has founded the agile transformation consultancy, Agile World Associates Ltd. and here she engages with senior leaders, executives and teams leading them towards Agile ways of working.

She coaches on Agile processes and practices, hosts Agile training, advises senior leaders on Agile transformations and also helps place agile experts into positions where they can make a difference.


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