Remote Agile Trainings 2020

This year Agile Tour London added a full week of DevOps agility. The first two days will feature remote trainings by some of our speakers. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

This year's remote agile trainings line-up (in London time):

Tickets below are for the combined three-day conference plus the training. Contact us about discounts or if you want to purchase only a training without conference tickets.

Heart of Agile Essentials Course with Soledad Pinter and Alistair Cockburn

A full and exciting day for workers, managers, executives, and all roles at all levels, learning from one of the creators of the Agile movement how to improve projects operating from the Heart of Agile. Designed for beginners, even advanced practitioners will learn from this master of the Agile industry. For people in any industry looking to understand the essential concepts and techniques of agile development, independent of any branded methodology.

This course is designed for a full day to give the attendee practice in the core elements of team success: collaboration, delivery, reflection and improvement. Each part of the class introduces a topic matching the most recent advances in the agile world, including solutions-focused coaching, guest leadership, collaboration cards, project slicing, decisions as inventory, and building a culture of listening.

This course includes: group discussions, collaboration cards, a communication exercise, the Carpaccio Exercise, and small team projects.

This training will take place over two consecutive Mondays, 19 October and 26 October, from 2pm to 6pm GMT each day.

Remote Meetings Masterclass with Lisette Sutherland & Judy Rees

The Remote Meetings Masterclass is designed to address the five biggest challenges reported by the individuals and organisations around the world:

  1. How to make people care about your online meeting
  2. How to develop a reputation for hosting great online meetings
  3. How To become a confident online facilitator
  4. How to deal with the problems that online meetings throw at you
  5. How to make hybrid meetings less horrible

After this workshop, you will rock at engaging groups of distant participants in rich, multi-layered discussions. You’ll look professional before, during and after the event – and even when things go wrong. Your online meetings might even be fun.

This workshop is run by the dynamic remote duo of Lisette Sutherland and Judy Rees, who are also our engaging and unique Day Two keynote speakers. Lisette has literally written the handbook on remote teams, talked to more than 250 remote-first teams (including the International Space Station) on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast, and runs trainings around the world. Judy has introduced scores of trainers, coaches, and facilitators to the joy of live online training and events, and is the co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors And Opening Minds.

This training is delivered on two consecutive Tuesdays 20 October and 27 October, from 1:30pm to 5pm GMT each day.

Foundations of Digital Strategy using Wardley Mapping with Philippe Guenet

This one-day course led by Philippe Guenet, offers an introduction to digital strategies and a framework called Wardley maps. Wardley maps are very suited to build situational awareness of an enterprise and identify strategic moves through the whole value chain, supporting a digital business.

After this course, the participants will have a better understanding of the complex nature of digital strategies and how to use strategic maps to read the landscape and take advantage of it. The course is based on practice and by the end of the day, the participants will be able to put together simple maps by themselves.

Learning outcomes:

  • Dimensions of digital strategies
  • Foundational concepts to Mapping
  • Practice steps for building maps (Purpose, Users, User Needs, Value Chain, Map) working from fictional scenarios
  • High level understanding of the strategic cycle
  • Introduction to further concepts of movement, inertia, climate, doctrine and gameplay, details of which are covered in further modules to this foundation.

Philippe is a seasoned ICF Systemic Coach, Lean-Agile practitioner and a Digital Leadership specialist with focus on Strategy, Complexity, Excellence and Leadership. He works for banks and start-ups alike and is investing in the community with the Digital Leadership Meetup.

This training will be delivered in two four-hour  interactive online sessions on Monday 19 October and Tuesday 20 October, from 9am to 1pm GMT. 

Agile Human Resources Training with Almudena Pardo Rodriguez and Norma Acevedo Lopez

Agility has been around for over 20 years! IT departments all over the world have moved into interactive and incremental ways of working, based on customer collaboration and seeking early delivery of value. Agility in modern organisations is not an option anymore. Our biggest challenge is the fact that Agile IT is not enough. We are in dire need of nurturing Lean-Agile enterprises, where the complete organisation embraces these methodologies, including Finance, Accounting, Patents, Legal….and yes, agile HR functions!

In this workshop we will take a close look at the fundamentals of Lean and Agile, and how human resources can adapt to these principles in order to fulfill the demands of the agile organisation. We will speak about our experiences regarding bonuses and rewards, and how the agile methodologies are facing challenges like employee evaluations and career development.

Moreover, we will see applied agile HR, together analysing the case study of the agile human resources transformation at a German online retailer.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Learn what is Lean and Agile and how those concepts can be applied to HR functions
  • Understand the Paradigm Shift from Traditional HR to Agile HR (Agile teams)
  • Create Candidate Relationship Management
  • Apply Bonus and rewards in the Agile organisations
  • A new approach to career development and Agile profiles
  • Drive employee evaluations and appraisals in an Agile setup
  • Case Study: international German online retailer

For Who?

  • Human Resources representatives
  • Line and Project Management
  • Scrum Masters and Agile coaches
  • Any member of your organization who interacts with the HR function

There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

This hands-on training will be delivered virtually over two three-hour sessions Monday 19 October and
Tuesday 20 October, from 2pm 5pm GMT, followed by a further 30 minutes (to be individually scheduled) dedicated personal consultancy for each participant to support you defining the way forward for agile HR in your organisation.

Solutions-Focussed Professional Coaching Training with Roy Marriott

This training, for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, will help you develop your professional coaching skills, so you can:

  • Have more effective coaching conversations at even the most senior level
  • Understand the needs of customers, senior leaders, and other stakeholders more quickly – and
    influence them more effectively
  • Coach individuals as well as teams, in order to work with senior leaders, help the best people
    develop faster, and respond more effectively to anyone who’s struggling or underperforming
  • Develop communication skills for use outside of formal coachings/workshops, to enhance all
    meetings and less formal conversations
In this seven-hour training we'll cover one-to-one professional coaching skills — but you'll also find you can apply the skills to working with teams, so you can lead workshops that are more engaging and energising, get more buy-in, and generate progress more quickly and easily.

The training is on the "Solution Focused” approach to coaching — which is particularly helping in complex situations, generating psychological safety, and generating change without generating resistance. SF is also relatively quick and easy to learn, especially suitable for a business context, and highly aligned with the Agile Manifesto's values and principles.

By the end of the seven hours you'll have
  • learnt the OSKAR model of SF Coaching & Change
  • experienced seven SF coaching tools,
  • put them into practice with your colleagues on the course, and
  • be ready to use them in real, live coaching conversations.

This training will be two 3.5 hours sessions the mornings of 19-20 October, from 9am to 12:30pm GMT.