Agile Tour London: From Procedure to Practice, Process to People

Update: Agile Tour London 2021 CFP is open and Tickets are available, checkout on agile-tour-london-2021-conference for details.


The Eighth Annual Agile Tour London will be completely online. And totally live.

Welcome to the Anti-Webinar. Agile Tour London is 100% live with no prerecorded talks and optimal chance for interaction. That's what makes us stand out.

While most conferences nowadays are just a series of pre-recorded or live streams cast to thousands, we are using the tooling you already use (Zoom, Slack) to foster a camera-on (if you want), fully engaging LIVE experience. Because we believe the only way to make it through 2020 is with the Power of Community.

With a low speaker-to-attendee ratio and talks, workshops, panels and games structured to optimise participation, we attempt to rework the networking opportunities of an in-person event in a way that overtakes virtual fatigue. Even our keynote Mary Poppendieck requested a lean coffee to connect better with attendees over conversations at the end of Day One. Each session looks to bridge gaps so you make memorable connections over great learning and career opportunities.

Agile Tour London is three days of intimate, interactive talks, workshops, forums and games to engage you in:

  • The DevOps Mindset
  • Psychological Safety
  • Remote Teams
  • Digital Leadership
  • Culture and Communication

Wednesday 21 October through Friday 23 October will be jam-packed conference days — each beginning with keynotes you've never seen before followed by three parallel tracks a day of interactive talks, workshops, and panels — with intentional pauses, games, coaching and mindful networking throughout.

While we can't gather in person along the Thames, we've built the schedule so Days One and Two attracted agilists from around the world for our most diverse roster yet. Then, on Friday, we are following Agile Tour tradition by only featuring London-based speakers and facilitators, but in a forum that the world can access.

You'll see some welcome regulars and lots of new faces. That's a wonderful part of doing a conference online — you can invite and accept submissions from the best, most forward-thinking and most actionable in their areas. Regardless of where they live.

Our agile conference continues in the tradition of storytelling and experimentation. Problem-solving, coaching and fun. Most importantly, it is focussed on cultivating an inclusive, agile-minded community.

If we do say so ourselves, this is Our Best Schedule Yet.

Get your ticket to the three-day online agile event or our Friday-only ticket. Along with any ticket, you'll be invited to join the Aginext Community, including our exclusive Slack, where you can connect and brainstorm with other members before, during and after the event.

At this time, now more than ever, we believe in the potential of Community. And we believe in the potential of you, of your teams, and of agility to make a difference.

E-SEE YOU 21-23 OCTOBER 2020