5 Common Challenges with Agile Transformation

Session Category :  Talk 
23 October, 2020
10:45  -  11:30

(Slides) Many individual software engineering teams are now Agile! However, lots of these teams are Agile within their delivery team bubble, but everything outside of this is still working in a slow and inefficient process. One or a few teams can work efficiently and effectively, whilst the rest of the Organisation continues to work in a traditional, waterfall and silo-ed approach. Why do so many companies find it challenging to move towards a wider Agile approach? What are the key ingredients to successful company-wide Agile adoption?

Here are my 5 common pitfalls in an Agile transformation:

Not having an agreed purpose or aim of becoming Agile – the Why.

Lack of understanding of what Agile, the manifesto and the principles really mean. Either Top-Down or Bottom-Up driven transformation, rather than both.

Ignoring the culture shift and motivations for the people involved.

Continuing to work on projects rather than products.

In this talk, we will explore these common challenges for Businesses when transitioning to an Agile mindset. Using insights, examples and experiences, the aim is to provide you with the main areas that need working through, before embarking on and during, this kind of Organisational change.