Playful Leadership: On Becoming a Person

Session Category :  Talk 
21 October, 2020
14:00  -  14:30

Do you have good days and bad days? Are there times when you feel completely discombobulated and wish you could simply log off work and go back to bed? Do you wonder how some people manage to go about their everyday business and lead happy, well-ordered lives?

Join Portia Tung, Executive Coach, Executive Agile Coach and Play Researcher to learn about a playful and innovative approach she calls The Bobulate Method for effective adulting. In this interactive talk, based on the latest in psychology, neuroscience, coaching and play science, you will get the chance to travel in your very own Delorean (the car from ‘Back to the Future’), look into your very own crystal ball, go on an adventure with King Arthur and finally get answers to key questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Play your cards better and you may even leave with a handful of strategies for adulting towards your happier ever after.