What makes a good Agile Leader?

Session Category :  Talk 
23 October, 2020
10:45  -  11:30

(Slides) One of the big myths in the Agile world is that Agile does not need Management. The real answer is more complex and more work needs to be done.

Command and control and micro-management conflict with today’s requirement of leaders and the mindset and actions of great Leadership is vital to the success of any Agile endeavour.

Large organisations are now adopting agility, yet there is still a divide between those setting the strategy and those delivering on that strategy.
Organisations are adopting agile practices with high expectations of immediate and impactful results. However, in most cases, the transformation begins and ends at the delivery level of the organisation.
Why is this?
Are leaders less aware of the positive impact agile ways of working have on their employees? Does this cause conflict between what the executive believes a project should be delivered v’s the way the team involved believes it should be done?
This talk explores the characteristics of a new kind of leader who is valuable for organisations today. Sheetal will dive in to describe a new leadership type and explains what leading in this new agile world might look like.