Day Three - In Person Only - Fri 23 Oct 2020

UK TimeRoom 1 - CultureRoom 2 - DevOpsRoom 3 - Leadership
Room 4 - Psychological Safety
08:30Registration and Breakfast
09:15Keynote -
User Stories: Re-explained – You Think You Know Until You Realise You Don’t
by Antony Marcano
10:455 Common Challenges with Agile Transformation by Anikh SubhanThe Past, Present, and Future of Cloud Native API Gateways by Daniel BryantWhat makes a good agile leader by Sheetal ThakerWorkplace stress and how to respond from an organisational perspective by Helen Bartimote - Workshop
11:45Closing the Entrepreneurial Gap by Dean LatchanaIntegrating UX with DevOps by Iwona WiniarskaEntangled: Introduction to Systemic Coaching and Coaching Constellations by Portia Tung - WorkshopACE – Powerful Feedback that’s Psychologically Safe by Roy Marriott - Workshop
12:30Lunch Break

Short Talks
12:40 Agile within Data Science world by Snigdha Satti
13:10 Inclusion is an agile state of mind by Ama Afrifa-Tchie
13:45Certainty in Uncertainty: Integrating core talents to do what we do best by Christopher BramleyDevOps panel by Jennifer RigginsHow we built the death star by Corrado (Dex) De Sanctis - WorkshopStrategy Sprint Workshop by Nancy Evbuomwan - Workshop
14:45Case Study: Who said Senior Leaders can’t be coached? by Zak MezianeFishbowl discussion: What’s in the future for Agile? What comes after Agile? by Natasha Hill and Ryan BehrmanConsequence Scanning – an agile practice for responsible innovators by Emily Webber and Sam Brown - Workshop
15:30Afternoon Break
16:00Lightning Talks by Ritika Singh
Developing a Technology Strategy by Claire Donald and Marta JasinskaLeadership through the Crisis by Philippe GuenetImprovisation for Innovation by Antony Quinn - Workshop
17:00SponsorLanguages of Appreciation in Agile teams by Christine ThompsonImpostor syndrome in the IT world from a conference speaker’s perspective by Antonio Cobo
17:45Farewell Drink
Psychological Safety